Educational and other Organisation

With years of Australian law enforcement experience, the founders of CSS collaborate with Australian Educators and Wellbeing Councillors to offer Safety Awareness tools to educational facilities and organisations. Their expertise addresses Workplace Personal Safety & Situational Awareness, De Escalation of Aggressive Behaviour in Educational Facilities, Cyberbullying/Sexting, Predators Online and Around Us, Scams, and Street Safety Awareness. By eliminating fear-based education, they empower Students, Teachers and Employees to recognise and avoid potential dangers. The objective is to provide robust and simple tools that prevent vulnerability and increase confidence. Packages offered to educational facilities and organisations include: Workplace De-Escalation - $599 Cyberbully/Sexting - $299 Predators Online & Among Us - $299 Scammers - $299, and Street Safety Awareness - $299.

Educational and Other Organisations