John Galea 

John is a Co-founder of Cyber Street Safe and an experienced former law enforcement officer with Victoria Police, the Australian Federal Police, and the United Nations Police. He has extensive experience in investigations around safeguarding vulnerable people, child exploitation, people trafficking and smuggling, and community policing training in high volatility regions. John has received national and international law enforcement service medal awards and holds tertiary qualifications in government investigations, security and risk management, project management, and other key industry credentials, registrations, and licenses. John's leadership and management skills and experience continue to focus on helping people through investigations, security, and risk management.

Andrew Chapman 

Andrew Chapman has 28+ years of experience in Law Enforcement, Legal and Security Industries. He served in NSW Police, Australian Federal Police, Western Australian Police, and Queensland Police, developing leadership, training, communication, problem-solving, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills. Andrew led the Detectives "Proactive Crime Unit," recognized by the NSW Commissioner for extraordinary arrest rates and convictions. He also served in the elite NSW Police "Special Crime Unit," recognized by the NSW Commissioner's Unit Citation. Andrew has protected National and International Heads of State, the British Royal family, and the Australian Prime Minister in the NSW Police Dignitary Protection Unit.

In memory of our friend - Jon LAUTREC

Our friend and brother in blue. We know you are smiling & looking down at this Project. Let's finish what we planned. Your love and care to your family and loyalty to your mates will never be forgotten.