About us

Cyber Street Safe is the brainchild of former Australian police officers and co-founders, Andrew Chapman and John Galea. As devoted parents, they understand the importance of keeping children safe and happy. With their combined professional and personal experiences, they created a range of educational packages that target cyberbullying, predatory behaviour, online scams, and general safety awareness. The team collaborated with senior Australian teaching professionals and qualified counsellors to deliver authentic and uncomplicated material that engages and retains the attention of their respective audiences. Privacy and confidentiality are top priorities, which is why they offer personalized Zoom seminars for teachers, students, and parents. Cyber Street Safe aims to be a positive influence in guiding individuals towards response and support awareness.

Areas of expertise

Cyberbullying & Sexting

Scamming – Romance

Street Safety Awareness

Online Predators

Scamming - Financial

De-escalation of aggression in the workplace